Hippie Go Lucky: WHAT'S GOING ON



Lately I've been craving more desserts than ever before. I only crave it for the feeling of drinking milk afterwards, ain't that crazy ? Same thing goes for coffee, I think I drink it just because the feeling of taking a coffee break is the best ever. I've been listening to James Vincent McMorrow (I hate writing names that start with Mc, don't ask me why) and James Taylor, maybe because their album plays one after another on my itunes. I've been wearing the same pants for about 2 weeks and I have nail polish on one hand only, since friday. Oh and these pictures above are from my phone, I didn't have my camera this weekend. What's going on with you lately ?


  1. Bonsoir les poules

  2. As the coffee addict that I am, I think sometimes a part of me likes to drink coffee just for the placer, because it is conected in my mind with a positive and nice feeling.

    Beautiful pics :)