Hippie Go Lucky: WHITE WALLS



Sunday morning was a good morning. James Taylor was playing on repeat and I painted the morning away. I felt like dipping my fingers in paint and dance around our living room touching every white wall. What a great painting that would be. What was your weekend highlight ? x


  1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my little blog; yours is wonderful! I have to follow back. :) And as for my weekend, it was spent in the library, finishing up an advertising project. :( Not super fun when the weather outside is so lovely, but I also got to sleep a ton so no complaints. :)

    I look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos and words! :)
    xo from Austin, TX

  2. I vote you do that. Smear paint all over the walls. That would be liberating.

    Lovely blog :)

  3. I think your blog is so inspiring, really love it!

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  4. hello! oh, gosh I love your painting + your idea of painting all over white walls! sounds perfect :) if only I could do that in my room..heh. i love that mug x

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping at my blog and your nice comment. I must say, I truly like your blog. It's fresh and inspiring :)