Hippie Go Lucky: UNDER THE BRIDGE



I have been sitting on my couch for the past two days, coughing away. I've watched five movies (Ghost World, When Harry Met Sally, Little Women, Melancholia and Black Swan), sucked on 25 pastilles, and stood up once. These pictures were obviously taken a while ago but wanted to share them. We went on a picnic in the park close to our house. We sat under the bridge, ate sandwiches and watched all our things roll away in the wind. It was a lovely night.


  1. That last photo. How sweet :)


  2. A picnic under the bridge sounds perfect! I hope you are feeling a bit better now, I have been coughing a ton also and am hoping to fight it off with vitamin C and sleep!
    xo Hannah

  3. you take such beautiful photos! i esp. love the joy in your eyes that you captured in the last one. i am listening to your beautiful covers on yourtube right now while i get a paper for school done but clearly got distracted right now.