Hippie Go Lucky: WEAR / 3


WEAR / 3

Tunic : thrifted, Pants : thrifted, Rings, bag & bracelets : thrifted, Moccs : flea market find, Bandana : thrifted; Hair dreads : not washing them for over a week.

I am in love with these pictures Dan took. I feel as though they potray exacty how I've been living for the last month. Every chance I get I go where there are trees and sunlight. I've also been living in these pants, and my hair as been a mess. I feel like I want to cut them, or maybe it's because I cut Dan's hair and see him feeling so free now. We will see.


  1. LOVE your green pants and matching pretty scarf. Messy summer hair is the best, it makes me miss living by the ocean!

  2. Where do you find all this nice stuff?