Hippie Go Lucky: 14 PICTURES



I felt like sharing real phone pictures today. Not that my Instagram feed isn't my real life. I mean, I really own 3 cats, have long hair and love coffee. But as a photographer, taking pictures of my life can get overwhelming at times. When I take a picture I think about angle, lighting, shutter speed and a lot of the times forget to be in the moment. I am forcing myself to take more pictures without thinking about anything else other than the feeling I have in the moment. They have so much more meaning in the end.
1. Thrift store shopping on my lunch break.
2. Rubi and her favourite place.
3. Beach day with my sister.
4. Cuddles on the balcony.
5. Britannia beach.
6. Lazy day, pink fluffy socks (I usually never wear socks) and Tiger cuddles.
7. She is always close (sometimes too close) when I take pictures for the blog.
8. Looking like a fortune teller.
9. The view from my apartment balcony + my 90's foam shoes.
10. Snuggles
11. Feeding the hugry duckies.
12. Kisses, a lot of kisses.
13. Pic-nic atthe waterfalls. (fortune teller part 2)
14. Story of her life. She gets stuck like this at least once a day.


  1. love the bandana on you & ah, kitty in the basket and then another cuddling right on your chest- how sweet he(or she?) does that! and i totally thought you had 2 cats, now I'll request please a post about the kitties to keep them straight haha. oh and your man kissing the kitty is the sweetest. I like this little roundup of everday pictures. I am the opposite and end up w/ a ton of crap pictures.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  2. Your photos are always so gorgeous! I actually listed you as a noteworthy instagramer on my blog today! :)