Hippie Go Lucky: WEAR 10 / FRIDA KAHLO



T-Shirt: c/o Redbubble (by earth-gnome) |  Blazer: RVCA  |  Hat: thirfted  

It's gettin' cold over here. It officially started snowing this weekend and Christmas music started playing non-stop in our house! I'm getting really excited for the holidays.

I received this organic cotton t-shirt a couple of weeks ago from Redbubble. Frida + Organic cotton, gimme that! If you aren't familiar with this site it's a marketplace where artists and designers can sell their work to anybody anywhere anytime.

For the artists, Redbubble produces and ships your work for you. Shoppers, you get to pick t-shirts, iPhone cases and many other things from thousands of different artists around the globe. Beware; you'll never be able to stop looking through this site.

The best thing about Redbubble as a seller: it’s easy and free! Anybody can submit their work and wait for others to buy it. And as a buyer: you get to encourage and support independent artists with amazing talent.

The shirt I am wearing is a drawing by this lovely artist. You can buy it here.

*This post was an exchange with Redbubble. All opinions are mine.


  1. I'm so excited for the holidays too! I'm jealous of your snow, we have yet to have any stick. I really love that hat and t-shirt <3

  2. That is a neat shirt and they way you styled it with the blazer and hat is even better. Sounds like an interesting website.

  3. I cannot even believe there was snow sometime recently and all you're wearing is a blazer! but on an important note, i LOVE this top!! what a good choice. And so cool you got to collaborate w/ RedBubble, def can get lost on their site for hours upon end. also, love love love your styling here.

  4. i love your outfit Gabrielle! Especially your hat!

  5. This outfit is so cool, love the top and will def check out that company! Awesome blazer I love RVCA :)

  6. beautiful. i'm so following you on instagram right now. love this space. give me more!


  7. oh my goodness. what a cool idea!! i love that. i will definitely have to take a look (probably when i have hours of time to spare).
    p.s- that hat is perfection