I took a little break from blogging for a couple of weeks. I don't know why - I just didn't feel like my heart was in it.

But I'm back... with greasy hair. 

I've been embracing the no-poo lifestyle for over a month now. I read a bunch of ways to ''go no-poo'' and I decided to try the most common one which is washing your hair as many times as you'd like with baking soda and vinegar (2 tbs baking soda + 1 cup water than rinse with 1/4 cup vinegar in 2 cups of water + a couple drops of essential oil). I wash my hair every 5-6 days and use cornstarch as a dry shampoo on the fifth and sixth day.

It feels great. Honestly, I've never been the type to wash my hair everyday or be grossed out over greasy hair so that part isn't hard. I'd say so far the only inconvenience is taking the time to mix everything before going in the shower. I did try to mix a big batch that could last 2-3 times but my hair didn't feel as clean the second time. I'm guessing the reaction wasn't as strong since everything was diluted for over week. I'm still in the "getting used to it" phase but here a some benefits and drawbacks so far...

Benefits :
1. My hair feels like it has more volume
2. My scalp doesn't itch anymore (I used to have a very itchy scalp!)
3. No-poo costs way less than natural shampoo
4. No-poo is eco-friendly

Drawbacks :
1. Your hair wont smell like pretty flowers
2. A little time consuming
3. Your head/hair/scalp wont feel as clean

The pictures in this post are from 5 days in. 

I encourage anybody to try this. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me anything.


  1. I would love to try this mix out, but my hair is so fine it gets pretttty gross on even the second day! I definitely admire you for just stopping with blogging for a short period of time if your heart wasn't in it, its the worst for me when it feels like a chore!

  2. i keep putting this off but I really need to get on it! i dont really have any excuse, since I quit work I've only been washing my hair once a week anyway, still showering, actually daily, because of zumba : ). I enjoyed hearing your pro's and con's, that's really cool your scalp doesn't itch anymore, I might have to make Jonny try this as well. and yes, soo much cheaper, eco friendly shampoo is quite the expense.

  3. I've been no pooing for a year and a half, and I had some lapses where life got so busy I cheated with shampoo, but my hair is happiest with no pooing. Plus it's so much cheaper and better for the environment. Win/win. I don't particularly enjoy having to prep before jumping in the shower either though.

  4. I have always wanted to try this but have such oily hair and skin that I'm not sure it would be the best route for me. :( However, your hair looks great and I'm enjoying browsing through your blog. xoxo

  5. I started this years ago and it's amazing. Most people don't wait til the scalp adjusts.. but after that.. no more greasy or itchiness! I only wash with conditioner tho. Can't handle the smell of vinegar lol

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