Hippie Go Lucky: NAH-NAH



My sister, Andréane; I call her nana (nah-nah). She's the oldest of the siblings.
She is the prettiest girl I know. Seriously. She got the looks but I got everything else.

She's the one who peed in my mouth
The one who taught me my first swear word
The one who would make me sit in the backseat every fucking time (she taught me that swear word too!)
The one who would cut my bangs way too short
The one who yells at me because I don't put face cream
The one who laughs when I stumble while walking
The one who wishes I'd go jogging with her every week
The one who can't stand the tangles in my hair
The one who is lactose intolerant and calls me in pain because she couldn't resist eating cheese
The one who's hair always looks clean
The one who spell checks everything I write on this blog (she's the one to blame if there is a spelling mistake)
The one who lets me play in her purse (she always has the coolest things in there)
And the one who makes me feel like the most amazing human being on this planet.

siblings day, what a corny day...

I love maël and jeanne too x


  1. this is such a wonderfully fun picture of you two. and aww, you two sound so close. how kind she edits everything for you. so funny how different you two are. and do start the face cream : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda