Hippie Go Lucky


I've always felt intimidated by the idea of using art to express myself. Of course everything someone makes expresses something, but I never felt I did it in a profound way. I never created things that came from the darkest or sunniest places of my heart.

Last month, I got the chance to be part of an art exposition. I could share anything I felt was worthy. I knew I wanted it to be something that meant a lot to me.

Two months before the exposition I researched topics that I cared about. And after a couple of days of research I stumbled upon an article that sparked something in me. Right then and there I knew I'd use it to inspire my pictures. I read it over and over again simply to relive the feeling I felt the first time I read it. I exploited that feeling to create the photo series.

I love to let the audience interpretate the pictures for them selves. I will write about the meaning of these pictures in another blog post. x


  1. The image where you stare at us from a gap between 2 people shoulders is really the one that appeal the most to me. Seeing your intense gaze reveal more intent, foreshadowing and energy, while letting the mystery open. I really enjoy your work. The other pictures convey a feeling of abandon, losing control. It's scary and inspiring at the same time.

    1. thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. this made my day. x

  2. These photos are so haunting and dark, but so unbelievably beautiful.

  3. The photo with the paint on your face is so powerful, I love it! Great stuff.

  4. these are amazing. and startling and beautiful and a bit scary, but i think that was part of the message. I really love you painted but so many others as well.
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