TIGER // He is the oldest of the three and the only male. Dan found him on the street ten years ago when he was just a baby and loved him ever since. He is the most easy going cat I've ever met. When we bring him in the car, he just sits on our lap or in the back seat like nothing is happening. He loves to get licked by Zoë and is always in the mood to cuddle. He has a funny meow and has only three canines. He is our chubby love.

ZOË // She is a special cat. In every sense of the word. She has stunning eyes, sometimes blue, sometimes green with perfect black eyeliner. Her fur is darker than the other two. She has a baby face even though she is about five years old. Me and Dan also found her. We saw a heartless man throw her from his car window on the side of the street during winter. We took her home and we've loved her ever since. Her baby face gets her anything she wants, especially food. She loves to lick the other cats ears. She is never in the mood to cuddle with us but is always close by. She follows us outside, and waits for us in the staircase until we come home.

RUBI // The little bébé. She is so tiny. I adopted her from her foster home last December. I think she's about 1and a half years old. She's naive and demanding, in a cute way of course. If she were human, she would probably sing opera. That girl has vocal cords like no other. She loves to play and tease the other cats. She always makes this cute sound before falling asleep (like a sigh of relief). She has a special blanket that she kneads and "nurses" on. She doesn't eat her food out of the bowl. We need to spread it on the table so she can eat it one by one. In the morning, if we leave our bedroom door open she'll come lick our faces until it burns.


  1. This is my most favorite blog post EVER. Tabbies are my absolute favorite type of kitty and they have a place so close to my heart! So happy to hear you saved all three of these cuties in some way! My current foster kitty just had a couple come meet him tonight so I am crossing my fingers that he finds a home soon as good as yours!!!
    xo Hannah

  2. Aww that is so sweet Rubi licks your faces, she must really love you both!! She does look so much like my little Lila, although not so much I’d confuse them, which is not the case for a neighbor’s cat that is a near clone of our other kitty Mango. How wonderful of you to save Zoe and Tiger sounds like such a big sweet cuddle bug. They all sound like such sweeties with different personalities. I loved this post and your beautiful writing about all of them. That’s wonderful they all love each other so much too.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  3. Love this!! they are so cute!! I wish I could have a cat...

  4. We have two tabbies, in addition to our two other cats. I just adore them and cats in general. You photos of your little furballs are just beautiful. I especially love that face on Rubi.

  5. i was just showing Jonny your Mitla Moda post & then said this is why she's my friend.... and scrolled over to this post haha. but i later told him there are many other reasons: ).