Hippie Go Lucky: WEAR / 7


WEAR / 7

Striped pants, black crop top and platform sandals were all thrifted. Necklace: gift from a dear friend of mine.

I found these sandals a couple of weeks ago and bought them even though I doubted wearing them. They brought back so many memories from when I was young and dreaming of being a Spice Girl. It isn't my go-to style but it's good to change things up sometimes.

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  1. these sandals definitely remind me of the spice girls. they seem really comfy as well though w/ the top strap, which is hard for me to find on wedges, platforms. which spice girl did you relate to? i was sporty because in 5th grade (well, all elementary/middle school) i was a huge tomboy. oh and i like the crop top as well, very 90s hip!
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