Hippie Go Lucky: NEW TO ME



Scarves are my favorite accessories for fall. Especially the big bulky ones.
I thrifted this little gem this weekend and I've been wearing it ever since. I think I'll be sleeping with it til spring.


  1. my word, i love that!! and i am the exact same way. scarves are my trusty side-kick during the fall and winter.

  2. So pretty! The color is perfect. I wear the same scarf for months during the cold; perhaps I need to find another pretty one to add in once in awhile :)

  3. what a great thrift find, I LOVE the fall hues in the pattern. it's super fun and cute yet calm and relaxing, maybe like you : ). it's not scarf weather yet here, can't wait til it is. also, you have a beautiful profile and i like the bun. how do you get it to stay like that w/out pulling your hair? (that's always my problem, but maybe it's not a common one. i think we have a bit similar hair though so thought i'd ask.)
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