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A new post which will be happening every thursday called New to Me. About a year ago I discovered that I love thrifting (according to my sister I am obsessed!!!). I always loved thrift stores and flea markets but since "the change" I  fell head over heels with it. There's something about a perfect vintage sweater that still has someone elses smell that makes me dream. There is always an unknown story behind everything I find and that's what I love most. Anyways, "New to Me" is a series of posts where I will share my find of the week.

Turbinator Drylite barbershop hair dryer chair - 15 $ in working condition. I should give credit to Dan for finding this chair, but I begged him to go to the thrift store in the first place. For those of you wondering if I use it, I do. And it takes about 15 minutes to dry my hair which is better than a normal hair dryer... I have a lot of hair. Here is the result :


  1. I've only been to a proper thrift store once (I live in the UK) but I tend to buy the majority of my stuff from car boot sales and charity shops. I love the idea that I have something that not many other people have, and it's such a fun (and cheap!) way to experiment with things that I wouldn't usually buy. Ps. your hair looks gorgeeeeeous and I love the whole colour fade thing you've got going on!

    1. You got it! Car boot sale are awesome! You find original things for a cheap price! Thanks for the compliment, it reminds me not to chop them all off ha!

  2. actually that sounds absolutely amazing. i would definitely pick that up for $15. I haven't blow dried my hair in at least 4 years because I also have so much it takes forever (prob 45 mins last I tried). it seems nice to just sit there and do whatever while it dries it. and how fun and retro does it look!?
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