Hippie Go Lucky: LACE CROP TOP DIY



I love DIYs... I love the thought of them but I rarely do any. Wait that's not totally true. I love to recycle things and give them new life but never find they are worth showing on here. Anyways, I thought I'd let you in on this one. It was a very easy DIY. It takes about five minutes and if you are as lazy as me, you can do it while lying on your comfy bed.

So I bought this shirt a couple years ago and loved it for while. After a long time of not wearing it I thought I'd give it a twist. What I did is put it on, measured the lenght I wanted it to be. Took it off, measured again and cut it. I did the same for the sleeves. I love crop tops with a knot so I cut the front part in a triangle and then cut the triangle down the middle, tied the pieces together and voilĂ ! (Here comes the laziness again... I didn't sew the sleeves. But you should.)


  1. It looks really cute! I like the idea of cutting the front piece into a split triangle to make it tie up. clever!

  2. Lazy DIY is totally my thing. This lace blouse looks great! Nice work!